Our History

ChiroDuo as a mobile chiropractic practice was originally founded in 2018 by Drs. Luis Alvarez and Samuel Feinberg.

Both founders formed a strong friendship while at Sherman College of Chiropractic, which led them to form a business partnership.Before they both graduated, they traveled to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to shadow a couple of chiropractors who provided on-site corporate wellness services to companies such as Timberland, Sig Sauer, TurboCam, among others.

It was after this trip that our founders had the vision of how in this profession could find a new path into uncharted territory by bringing service directly to the people!

Health is a luxury that everyone should be able to enjoy.

With our convenient mobile model, chiropractic care can serve as a vehicle to improve health and wellness naturally.

Our Mission

ChiroDuo will be the main gateway to medical care through our mobile clinic model.

Our Vision

ChiroDuo will provide convenient and accessible mobile chiropractic care.

Common Purpose

We create and restore confidence in healthcare by improving the quality of life for each of our patients, one patient at a time.

Our basic commitments:

What makes us, us.


Whether it's taking care of our patients or taking care of each other, we are always looking to do the right thing.
For us, it's not about who is right, it's about what is right.


Life changes quickly and ourmobile model is no different.
We love to take on new challenges and pride ourselves on solving problemswith innovative solutions.


Progress, not perfection.

We constantly strivefor excellence.


At ChiroDuo, we serve God first,
which allows us to care for
everyonewith the utmost love and respect.


We partner with our patients
and our entire team to
achieve better results.

Meet Our Team

Discover the team that is here to take care of you!

At our chiropractic clinics, you will not only find professionals who are experts in caring for your well-being, but also a team committed to your health.

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Meet our Doctors

Dr. Luis Álvarez
Born in Colombia, South America, Dr. Alvarez was selected to join an elite weightlifting team at a young age. He earned a college athletic scholarship in weightlifting at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. He studied a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and was champion of the Puerto Rico University Athletic League for three consecutive years, recognized as the best male athlete of the year in weightlifting one of his participations.

Dr. Alvarez acquired hospital clinical experience in the emergency room, intensive care and became certified in critical care. His passion for healthcare later led him to South Carolina, where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic, where he received distinguished recognition for outstanding clinical performance months before graduating.

Committed to helping people live with optimal wellness, Dr. Alvarez has been practicing as a doctor of chiropractic in Raleigh clinics since 2018. Based on his knowledge and experience in healthcare, Dr. Alvarez recognizes that health is a luxury that everyone should be able to enjoy. This is his main motivation for promotion, education and care for health care through chiropractic.

In 2023 he was selected as a member of Governor Roy Cooper's Advisory Council on Hispanic/Latino Affairs where he is currently fulfilling his moral duty as a Hispanic/Latino to serve his people.
Dr. Samuel Josiah Feinberg
A North Carolina native, fervent in his Christian faith and love for others, Dr. Feinberg discovered chiropractic as a career opportunity during the year he studied Spanish in Costa Rica. Upon his return to the United States, his passion for chiropractic care as a vehicle for a greater expression of health and wellness was ignited.

She enrolled in chiropractic college and later graduated Cum Laude from Sherman College of Chiropractic outside of Greenville, South Carolina. Throughout his education he improved his language and adjusting skills through a total of three chiropractic mission trips to the Dominican Republic, Haiti and El Salvador.

With significant cultural and linguistic experience in Latin America, he proceeded to focus his efforts on serving the Hispanic community during his one-year internship.After graduating, he began his career as a chiropractic physician working in offices in Knightdale, Raleigh and Wake Forest. He is now very grateful to have the opportunity to work with a focus on serving a diverse community in both English and Spanish.
Dr. Jesús Lemuel Estrada
Dr. Jesus Estrada was born and raised in Caguas, Puerto Rico. Sports and outdoor activities have always been a big part of his life. From soccer to baseball to badminton, his active lifestyle paid off when he was awarded a full scholarship to compete as a cheerleader at the University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon.

Throughout his four-year career, he competed in the Intercollegiate Athletic League, NCAA Division II, as well as the World Cheerleading Championships. He has four gold, one silver and two bronze medals. Dr. Estrada specialized in Adaptive and Physical Education (people with disabilities). The Adaptive Physical Education component of his education was based on growing up with a visually impaired mother.

These skills and character attributes have contributed greatly to his success in practice as a chiropractic physician. The hands-on, non-invasive approach to chiropractic health care is what most attracted Dr. Estrada to train at Sherman College of Chiropractic.

He has built his repertoire as a caring, friendly and competent practitioner, having dedicated his service almost exclusively to the Hispanic community, serving in mobile clinics and ChiroDuo branches.

Meet our Assistants

Veronica Rivera Chavez
Born in the city of San Pedro Garza, Nuevo Leon Mexico with a complete education in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. Raised by her rancher grandparents, Veronica learned about the importance of agriculture, attended the local school and was always one of the first to arrive at the institution. At the age of 17, Veronica had the opportunity to finish her high school studies in Durham, North Carolina, U.S.A. She later continued with English as a second language classes, all this while working as a professional cleaner where she worked her way up to general manager and strengthened her skills in personnel management, administration and customer service.

However, always eager to continue learning, she joined ChiroDuo, a mobile chiropractic clinic where she obtained her certification as a Chiropractic Assistant.Her enthusiasm characterizes her genuine way of helping those around her.
Yenifer Alvarez
Born in Smithfield, North Carolina, graduated from Smithfield-Selma High School (SSS) in 2019 and has worked in customer service since she was 12 years old in Mexican stores and restaurants; learning to interact with English and Spanish speakers while maintaining a clean and professional appearance.

She has a special admiration for her parents, who have raised 5 children and taught them by example the value of hard work; often without a day off.Yennifer would love to travel the world; she enjoys Art, enjoying nature with her 6 dogs and playing soccer.

Yennifer says that since working with Chiro Duo, she has had the desire to work in the medical field and learn more on a deeper level about natural health care with chiropractic professionals instead of following the recommendations of a bone doctor that could even further damage people's health.
Aislinn Rea
Born in Chapel Hill North Carolina. A 2018 high school graduate from Granville Early College.Hailing from an energetic family, Aislinn grew up with two younger brothers and as she describes them: wonderful parents.An animal lover she has a puppy named biskit, she is a yorkie shih tzu and is just as energetic as Aislinn, always ready to meet new people.

She loves going to Florida every year to visit my family and enjoy the weather as well as the amusement parks.She loves to dance with her friends and express her art through makeup.As she says, "studied aesthetics will hopefully one day make people feel beautiful in the skin and regain more confidence. "She has worked from fast food to distribution centers (Wendy's Restaurant, Revlon, Food Lion distribution)She dreams of one day having a beautiful home with lots of backyard space and being able to work on her own schedule, so she can travel and spend time with family as much as she can.Energetic girl willing to give you the best customer service and help you regain your confidence; you can talk to her and take a moment to enjoy how far they've come.