Corporate Events

ChiroDuo comes to you and provides the care that
your employees want and need.


Corporate Events

There are two main reasons why many Americans today lack initiatives to properly implement self-care measures. #1 time and #2 mobility.

Waiting in traffic or at doctors' offices can be time consuming and frustrating. These barriers become more apparent as our society becomes more focused on results here and now. U.S. organizations have taken this reality into account. Large companies such as Cisco, Google and SAS have employed on-site wellness strategies such as massage, yoga and chiropractic care.

Healthcare strategies such as these have helped boost culture, employee morale and overall wellness in the workplace.

We use hands on healing

Along with routine chiropractic care, we also provide soft tissue therapy that includes percussion massage with state-of-the-art instruments, as well as kinesio-taping to decrease pain and get faster results.

Now there is no excuse for sending your workers to outside providers to get the relief they can get in the workplace!