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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about automobile accidents.
Where can I start treatment after my car accident?
Depending on your situation and the nature of your care, you may choose to receive treatment at our office location, at the established weekend locations of our mobile clinics, or through our mobile home visit model.
Do I have to pay when I schedule an appointment after an automobile accident?
If you were not at fault, insurance companies generally cover all services rendered.
Can I receive treatment under my own policy if I was at fault?
The short answer is: it depends. Many policies have a part called Medpay that can cover care related to an automobile injury, regardless of who was at fault.
If I use my Medpay, will this increase my insurance premium?
No. There are laws in place to prevent your insurance premiums from increasing due to the use of Medpay.
Do I need to get a claim number to schedule an appointment?
No. It is best to schedule and evaluate as soon as possible. We will help you obtain a claim number if necessary.
How soon after an accident can I schedule an appointment?
If you have suffered an injury, the sooner you can begin treatment, the better.
Can a passenger in my vehicle receive Chiropractic treatment if the accident was my fault?
me Yes. They can start caring too. Your auto policy may cover their care.
Do I have to have an attorney to receive care at your office or mobile clinics?
Many patients in our practice choose to deal directly with the insurance company. However, if you determine that you would prefer to have a legal representative, we can assist you with a referral.
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